Why Make an Adoption?

Many of the world’s most iconic creatures rely on the ocean for their habitat and food - but our oceans are in trouble, and we need your help to save them. Adopting a sea creature is the perfect gift for friends and family, and supports Oceana’s critical work protecting the oceans and the endangered animals that call them home.


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Adopt a Puffin

Puffins live and nest in large colonies, diving for fish off their island and coastal homes. In both North America and Europe, puffins have struggled to survive against the threats of hunting, invasive species, and loss of habitat. Because they nest so close together, a threat at one island, such as an oil spill, can have a significant effect on the local population.

How Your Adoption Helps Protect Puffins: Puffins need clean beaches and oceans full of fish to survive. Oceana works to protect marine animals like the puffin by fighting against offshore oil drills that could threaten their habitats with oil spills and by promoting responsible fishing. All donations go towards making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.