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    The blue whale is the largest animal ever to exist! They achieve an astonishing length of 110 feet and a weight of 330,000 pounds by gobbling up tiny krill in huge amounts—consuming up to 6 tons of food a day! These ocean giants were decimated by commercial whaling by the mid 1900s, but fortunately received worldwide legal protection in 1966 and are slowly recovering.

    Sometimes called the “canaries of the sea,” these whales are very vocal. The beluga whale sings loudly, using a variety of chirps, whistles and clicks to communicate with each other. Social animals, they spend most of their lives in pods of under a dozen individuals—except during summer migrations, when pods converge into large groups that can number in the thousands. During the rest of the year beluga whales often separate into two groups, one of all mature males and the other females and their young calves.

    When you make a symbolic adoption, your donation helps power litigation and grassroots advocacy to win policy victories that prevent the expansion of offshore drilling and promote the transition to clean energy.

    7 products
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