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    Reaching heights of over four feet tall, emperor penguins are the largest penguins in the world! But for emperor penguins, raising a chick to these heights is no easy task. Male penguins keep their eggs on the top of their feet for about two months to keep them warm and safe. To keep warm in the freezing temperatures and savage winds, males will huddle together for warmth.

    By the time eggs are ready for hatching, males may have gone around 120 days without eating anything! When the egg hatches, the female penguins return and start caring for the chick. Emperor penguins depend on Antarctic sea ice, but climate change poses a threat to the habitat and food they need to survive.

    When you make a symbolic adoption your donation powers Oceana‘s campaigns to mitigate drivers of climate change by ending our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and single use plastic.

    8 products
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