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Limited Edition Sea Turtle Casey Kit
Limited Edition Sea Turtle Plush
Sea Turtle Cookie Cutter
Limited Edition Sea Turtle Casey Kit Adoption Certificate
Limited Edition Sea Turtle Casey Kit Gift Wrap

Limited Edition Sea Turtle Casey Kit

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Adopt a Limited Edition Sea Turtle Casey Kit and receive a special sea turtle plush and sea turtle cookie cutter! Your donation also includes a personalized adoption certificate and will help protect sea turtles from driftnets, long-lines and other dirty fishing methods. All gifts go toward making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.

Casey Kit includes:

  • 22" sea turtle plush
  • Sea turtle cookie cutter (tin, 4")
  • Personalized adoption certificate (Note: Please enter the name for your certificate on the checkout page. One name is accepted per order.)
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

A Greenville, N.C. resident, Casey Sokolovic was a finalist for Oceana’s 2009 Ocean Heroes award. At age nine, Casey became an environmental steward and role model for others her age when she began a sea turtle conservation campaign called L.A.S.T. – Love A Sea Turtle. She has raised over $3,000 for a North Carolina-based sea turtle rehabilitation hospital, in part by selling sea turtle-shaped sugar cookies. Read more about Casey on Oceana's blog, The Beacon.