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Octopus Cookie Cutter Adoption
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Octopus Cookie Cutter Adoption

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Make octopus cookies with the Octopus Cookie Cutter Adoption! Your donation also includes a personalized adoption certificate and will help protect these eight-armed cephalopods, whose habitats are being destroyed by boats that trawl the ocean floor. All gifts go toward making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.

Adoption package includes:

  • Octopus cookie cutter (tin, 5")
  • Personalized adoption certificate (Note: Please enter the name for your certificate on the checkout page. One name is accepted per order.)

Octopuses are highly intelligent animals known for their camouflaging skills. These curious cephalopods are found in every ocean - usually on the seafloor - hiding from predators, using tools and squeezing into small spaces. As clever as they are, octopuses are not immune to the effects of overfishing, habitat destruction from bottom trawling and being caught as bycatch.