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Orca Plush Adoption
Orca Plush Adoption Certificate
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Orca Plush Adoption

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Adopt an Orca Plush and receive a cuddly stuffed animal plus a personalized adoption certificate! Your donation will help protect these iconic animals, whose protected status is threatened by lawmakers looking to diminish landmark legislation. All donations go toward making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.

Adoption package includes:

  • Orca plush (8")
  • Personalized adoption certificate (Note: Please enter the name for your certificate on the checkout page. One name is accepted per order.)

The orca is an extremely intelligent and charismatic creature with the widest geographic distribution on the planet, after humans. Often called "killer whales" for their aggressive hunting style, orcas are not true whales. Rather, they are the largest dolphin species. Depending on where they live, orca populations face a variety of threats from starvation caused by dwindling food supplies to marine debris and overfishing.