Spotted Eagle Ray Adoption Bundle

Spotted Eagle Ray Adoption Bundle
Spotted Eagle Ray Adoption Bundle
Spotted Eagle Ray Adoption Bundle

Spotted Eagle Ray Adoption Bundle

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These rays are creatures of routine and live their lives according to the tides—moving into shallow water to feed with the incoming tide, they retreat to rest in deeper water once the tide begins to fall. As their moniker suggests the spotted eagle ray takes its name from the pattern of white dots spattered across the ray’s back.  If you’ve ever seen a spotted eagle ray in the wild you probably know they like to jump! There are various hypotheses as to why the rays leap from the waves, some think it is to remove parasites and others a way to evade predators, whatever the reason it is a spectacle to behold! Unfortunately, these beautiful animals are listed as endangered by the IUCN as they are targeted intentionally in gill nets as well as being accidentally ensnared.

Through your symbolic adoption of a spotted eagle ray, you will support Oceana’s work to implement responsible fishing practices that would protect these incredible creatures from overfishing and help reduce bycatch. 

Adoption includes: 

  • Personalized adoption certificate 
  • Spotted Eagle Ray Plush
  • Ray Cookie Cutter

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