Adopt a Harp Seal

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    Harp seal pups are some of the cutest on the ice. They are born with a completely white coat. As they mature, they grow into the silver-white coat of adults, developing the black harp-shaped designs that give the species its name. Historically, harp seals were extensively hunted by humans, for their fur, oil and meat, driving populations down. While harp seals are no longer pursued by humans, climate change looms.

    For seals that live a life on ice, a warming ocean is an existential threat, that is why Oceana campaigns against drivers of climate change like dirty offshore drilling and promotes the adoption of renewable sources of energy such as offshore wind.

    When you make a symbolic adoption, your donation helps power litigation and grassroots advocacy to win policy victories that prevent the expansion of offshore drilling and that promote the development of clean offshore wind energy.

    4 products
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    Harp Seal Pup Plush Adoption
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