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    The iconic unicorn of the Arctic, the narwhal is known for its single, spiraling tusk. This “horn” is actually an elongated canine tooth that can grow to lengths of nearly 10 feet. Their tusk is not the narwhals’ only distinctive characteristic however, they lack a dorsal fin, instead sporting a ridge that is unique to each individual. Narwhals are likely to be found in areas with dense ice pack, especially during winter months when they feed heavily on prey near the seafloor, hunting fish and squid.

    Climate change looms threatening the sea ice narwhals are so reliant on for habitat with warming oceans. Dirty offshore drilling not only accelerates climate change but is also accompanied by disruptive activities like ice breaking ships and seismic airgun blasting, which disturb and disorient marine mammals like narwhals.

    Your donation supports Oceana’s campaigns to restore the health and abundance of our oceans. 

    2 products
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