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    The polar bear is the largest terrestrial predator in the Arctic. It is formidable on land, on the ice surface, and in the water. Polar bears' large feet enable greater ease walking across snow and swimming, as they spend most of the year associated with Arctic sea ice. Polar bears are vulnerable to extinction with populations decreasing throughout their geographic range.

    How Your Adoption Helps Protect Polar Bears: To best protect polar bears and other marine life, Oceana is focused on addressing all of the threats affecting the Arctic. Your symbolic adoption supports our campaigns to stop the expansion of offshore drilling, destructive industrial fishing, and climate change. All donations go toward making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.

    5 products
    Holiday Plush Adoption Kit Certificate
    Holiday Plush Adoption Kit
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    Polar Bear Cookie Cutter Adoption
    Polar Bear Adoption Gift Pack
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    Polar Bear Plush Adoption Certificate
    Polar Bear Plush Adoption
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    Polar Bear Certificate Adoption
    Polar Bear Cookie Cutter Adoption
    Polar Bear Cookie Cutter Adoption Certificate
    Polar Bear Cookie Cutter Adoption
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