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    Atlantic puffins are colorful seabirds that spend most of their time in the ocean, only coming ashore for nesting season. During mating season, they form monogamous bonds, often returning to the same burrow to raise their young—which are called pufflings! These bonds are maintained by rubbing their beaks together and can remain consistent from year to year. Atlantic puffins are also prolific hunters, using their colorful beaks can hold up to a dozen fish at once!

    Historically, puffins were hunted heavily and populations declined. In most places, however, this species now has some or complete legal protection. But populations continue to trend downward, due to a variety of human-made threats such as oil spills, overfishing, and plastic pollution.

    When you make a symbolic adoption, your donation helps protect these beautiful seabirds whose futures are threatened by oil spills, overfishing, and plastic pollution.

    3 products
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