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    Sea otters are charismatic, cuddly creatures! They’re often seen holding paws to prevent one another from drifting apart while sleeping. Sea otters are a keystone species among the kelp forests they call home. They feed on sea urchins in these forests, which in turn graze on kelp. So as sea otters eat sea urchins, they are helping biodiversity in these kelp forests to flourish!

    But the sea otter’s way of life is threatened by dirty offshore drilling. Oil spills are the biggest man-made threat to sea otters, partly because oil mats their fur coat, ruining its insulation and causing hypothermia. Spills also destroy pristine habitat.

    When you make a symbolic adoption, your donation helps power Oceana’s campaigns to protect these incredible animals from the threat of dirty offshore drilling, while also helping preserve the habitat they and so many other creatures call home.

    4 products
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