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    Despite a serpentine appearance, the green moray eel is no snake! These unique creatures live amongst structures on the seafloor, with a preference for rocky intertidal areas or reefs with lots of caves and crevices for the eels to shelter in. Despite their name the scaleless skin of the green moray is actually a brownish grey! These eels are covered in a protective mucus that keeps bacteria and parasites off the eel’s skin, and its opaque yellow hue laid over the eel’s brown skin is what gives them their greenish glow. But their color is not the only striking thing about their appearance, green moray eels can get huge, growing to an average length of nearly six feet, with rare specimens having been recorded surpassing eight feet from snout to tail!

    When you make a symbolic adoption, your donation supports Oceana’s campaigns to restore the health and abundance of our oceans. 

    2 products
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