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    As the largest of all octopus species, the giant Pacific octopus has certainly earned its name! While often sporting a reddish coloration, they can change color and texture at will to hide from predators or sneak up on prey.

    As nocturnal hunters, they patrol the ocean floor under cover of darkness in search of prey—mollusks and crustaceans being favorites. While populations are stable, the giant Pacific octopus is threatened by habitat loss as their homes are vulnerable to destructive bottom trawling.

    Through your symbolic adoption of a giant Pacific octopus, you will support Oceana’s work to protect these incredible creatures and the places they live.

    7 products
    Tropical Plush Adoption Bundle
    Large Giant Pacific Octopus Adoption
    Giant Pacific Octopus Adoption Bundle
    Giant Pacific Octopus Plush Adoption
    Giant Pacific Octopus Keychain Adoption
    Blue-Ringed Octopus Certificate Adoption
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    Giant Pacific Octopus Certificate Adoption
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