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Penguin Plush Adoption
Penguin Plush Adoption Certificate
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Penguin Plush Adoption

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Adopt a Penguin Plush and receive a cuddly stuffed animal plus a personalized adoption certificate! Your donation will help protect these stunning seabirds, who are at risk of going hungry from a declining food supply. All gifts go toward making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.

Adoption package includes:

  • Penguin plush stuffed animal (10.5")
  • Personalized adoption certificate (Note: Please enter the name for your certificate on the checkout page. One name is accepted per order.)

At over three feet tall, the emperor penguin is the largest penguin in the world. These Antarctic seabirds are born with gray feathers that turn black, white and orange as they mature. Emperor penguins are considered near threatened with extinction. This species is particularly vulnerable to the effects of global climate change, as they primarily nest on melting ice edges.