African Penguin Adoption

African Penguin Adoption
African Penguin Adoption

African Penguin Adoption

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Penguins in Africa? Penguins don’t just live in Antarctica! African penguins live on the rocky coastlines of southern Africa, the only penguin species on the continent. They build their nests open areas or in burrows made from sand or guano- aka penguin poop! African penguin colonies can be huge- up to 22,655 breeding pairs!

To communicate, these penguins call out to each other and these calls have earned them a special nickname: jackass penguins! African penguins will bray, haw, and yell, vocalizations that bear a striking resemblance to those of donkeys. Each of these different sounds can be used for attracting potential partners or defending territory from rival encroachment!

When you make a symbolic adoption, your donation supports Oceana’s campaigns to restore the health and abundance of our oceans. 

Adoption package includes:

  • African Penguin plush stuffed animal (12")
  • Personalized adoption certificate 

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