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Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Plush Adoption
Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Plush Adoption Gift Wrap
Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Plush Adoption Certificate

Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Plush Adoption

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Adopt a Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Plush and receive a cuddly stuffed animal plus a personalized adoption certificate. Your donation will help protect these colorful creatures, whose coral reef habitats are threatened by destructive fishing practices and pollution. All gifts go towards making our world's oceans healthier and safer, for generations to come.

Adoption package includes:

  • Bluespotted ribbontail ray plush (8.5")
  • Personalized adoption certificate (Note: Please enter the name for your certificate on the checkout page. One name is accepted per order.)

The bluespotted ribbontail ray stands out on coral reefs with its neon blue spots and olive skin that act as a warning sign to predators. This venomous ray does not bury itself in the sand like other stingrays - it faces predators head-on! The bluespotted ribbontail ray is considered near threatened with extinction.